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About BarSplice

Family rooted, Future-Oriented

Barsplice began as a joint venture between two international companies looking to gain a foothold in the splicing industry with the goal of enhancing reinforcing steel projects with structural integrity.

In 1983, Barsplice Products, Inc. was acquired by the Casella family and has since been a subsidiary of FC Industries, Inc. Beginning with the visionary leadership of Frank Casella, Barsplice established its reputable foundation in the U.S. domestic market.

As the company developed, Frank saw the opportunity to expand into the global market, which paved the way for Barsplice to become an internationally recognized splicing manufacturer. Today his son, Mike Casella, is committed to investing in the best production technology and the highest quality product to contribute to its valued customers’ success.

Talk To Barsplice
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"As a steward of our family business I care most about keeping the passion alive so we continue to be the "Gold Standard" in our industry. Technology is constantly advancing, and we must apply the best practices to keep our customers competitive."

Mike Casella President, Owner

Our Driving Principles:
Defining the Gold Standard

Customer service

Accurate price quotations, dependable lead times and monitored deliveries to your job site or shop floor. On-demand technical support assuring job requirements meet industry standards.

Trusted Partner

Our mission is to earn your trust through our unparalleled service and high-quality products. We approach each customer with respect and integrity, delivering on what we promise.

The Bottom Line

Through efficiencies in design and production, we offer cost-effective splicing solutions to meet your project’s budget while eliminating hidden costs. Quality materials ensure top performance with competitive pricing.

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"From the start it was our mission to become an industry leader, and we’ve spent the last thirty five years making it happen. Every step was by design, solving one challenging problem after another and providing custom solutions to our partners, and their reinforced concrete projects around the globe."

Larry Alcorn Vice President,
General Manager

Modern, Exclusive Manufacturing: Maximizing Your Profits

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