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Technical Information

Thoroughly Tested, Globally Respected

Barsplice couplers and terminators are recognized across North America and the globe for their performance and reliability. With approval in all 50 states and in Canada, our products are used in a variety of projects and applications. Choose us as your trusted splicing supplier today!

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Each lot of couplers and terminators are tested to verify performance before leaving our warehouse. Detailed material traceability reports will satisfy your project requirements.


Using state-of-the-art design tools and years of industry knowledge, our engineering team will collaborate with you to create innovative products tailored to meet your project’s unique demands.


Designed, manufactured and tested for proven dependability. Simple shop and field installation means minimal site inspection, allowing your project to stay on schedule.

Cold-Swaging Technology

Several of BPI’s products utilize our cold-swaging technology. This process involves using a specialized hydraulic press to compress the coupler or terminator around the rebar. Cold swaging provides a strong, uniform connection that gives unparalleled performance and reliability. This method does not reduce the cross-sectional area of the rebar, but rather adds to it as the coupler is fully formed around the rebar deformations.

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Product Lines That Utilize Cold-Swaging

BarGrip XL

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Product Page

Taper Threaded Grip-Twist

Product Page
Shop installation using Barsplice cold-swaging equipment

Product Resources

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Visit each product page to learn more about our coupler solutions, watch installation videos and download 3D models for use in different design programs. Information for specifying our products is located on the brochure.

Please contact us if you have questions or the information you are looking for is not available. We are ready to assist with your request!

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Made in the USA

made in the usa

Raw materials used in BPI products are obtained from, and processed through, BPI qualified sources/suppliers in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. All ferrous raw materials (iron and steel) used, and their coatings if applicable, have been domestically sourced, processed and manufactured in the United States of America in full compliance with the following:

• Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) 23 USC § 313 – Buy America, 23 CFR § 635.410
• American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Section 1605 – Buy American
• 41 USC § 8302 – Buy America
• American Iron and Steel (AIS) requirements in the EPA State Revolving Fund Programs
• Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act

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Whether you’re a structural engineering firm, detailers at a rebar fabricator or operators in the field, we will find a convenient time to work with you!

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